Community Business Development Program

The Community Business Development Program (CBDP) supports the development and long-term sustainability of local businesses that are too small to engage in global supply chains or who provide goods or services that corporate entities do not typically purchase.

These neighborhood entities – salons, boutique retail, restaurants, and other service providers – can still benefit from the types of coaching and mentoring that corporate suppliers receive from the GMSDC. Corporate sponsors may opt to support a cohort in a specific industry, or neighborhood, in an effort to facilitate economic equity. These entities employ local people, invest in their communities, give back to causes they care about and help build wealth in traditionally disadvantaged communities.

Program Benefits

Coaching and mentoring not typically available to small firms

Access to financial acumen and fiscal management strategies

Leadership development and management skills training

Increased longevity and long-term sustainability

Stronger, healthier and more vibrant communities

“The beauty of the MBIP is that it provides top tier capacity building opportunities to local businesses that they normally would not be able to access. Beauty salons and local eateries are every bit as important to their communities as corporations are to the global economy. As the economic recovery continues, it is vital that we help these firms not only to survive but thrive.”

Stacey Key, President and CEO, GMSDC

Apply to our Program

Community Business Development Program

We have several events throughout the duration of your time in our program.

These events enable growth, connection, and education for you and your organization.


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